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Sick Dog, Sick Cat, Sick Pet, What's the Diagnosis?™

Sick Dog, Sick Cat, Sick Pet, What's the Diagnosis?™

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This section generates an extensive set of diagnostic considerations along with recommended diagnostic tests and procedures based on your answers to the below questionnaire. The service helps you better care for your pet by making informed decisions that can save you time and money.

"What's the Diagnosis?™" is only meant to be an aid in the diagnosis and treatment of your pet. Always consult your own veterinarian.

NOTE: Incomplete questionnaires restrict "What's the Diagnosis?™" from generating more specific diagnostic considerations!

ONLY check symptoms that apply to your pet:

Significant weight loss with cough
Trouble breathing (Dyspnea)

Watery nasal discharge (serous)
Snotty nasal discharge (purulent)
No discharge

No Wrenching
Acute duration (<1 week)
Chronic duration (1 week or more)
Recent exposure to medications, toxins, plants, foreign bodies, garbage, new diet or sick animal

Mucous and/or blood present in bowel movement
Increased frequency of bowel movements

Decreased appetite

Swollen face below eye(s)
Apparent pain with biting down on food or object
Bad breath and/or blood from mouth

Increased thirst
No change or decreased thirst
Increased urination
Decreased urination
Straining to urinate

Recent weight loss
Recent unexplained weight gain

Itchy (pruritic)
Hair loss (alopecia)
Fleas or flea dirt seen
Crusty skin and/or ulcerations

Sudden onset of lameness
Misshapen limb
Swelling present
No swelling present
Chronic or Progressive lameness
Fever present (over 102 degrees F) per rectal temperature
Swollen joint(s)
No swollen joint(s)

Red eye
Localized redness
Mass in or around eye
Generalized redness
Redness around eyeball
Eyeball itself is red
Fine brush-like vessels present on eyeball
Thick vessels present on eyeball

Clear cornea
Blue cornea
Black or brown cornea

Eye(s) misdirected
Eye(s) uncontrolled movement

Appears blind
Color change in eye(s)

Behavior disorder
Destructive behavior
Inappropriate bowel movement and/or urination
Laboratory/medical evidence of inflammation (bowel or bladder)

Collapse or Profound Weakness

Abnormal skin and/or sores

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